Saturday, October 13, 2007

who's who on BSBA Blogs?

Actually, I really had a hard time looking for my top 5 BSBA blogs. honestly speaking, I was a bit disappointed when I read their blogs. The contents are whack!!! They made me LOL! It seemed like they didn't understood what Mrs.Pinon meant about the given topics. Please don't get me wrong. I am not sarcastic with this post. I'm just trying to be honest. But I think Trumata did well with his blog. I don't think most of the bloggers made an effort to make their posts nice to be read. Anyway, my opinion is my opinion. I know you have yours.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What I Learned In Computer I

I've learned a lot in my Computer I. Before, I was not familiar even with the acronyms regarding computer like USB, ROM, OS, etc. But now, I know the meaning of those acronyms. I also learned the basics and even the complicated ones. I learned how to take care of PC's which is very important so that the PC will function well. I also learned about the multimedia and the web. I learned that computer can be used not only for entertainment but it can also be used to earn money like in blogging. Before, I thought that blogging is for entertainment only but then I learned that in blogging we are being entertained and at the same time you can earn money.
I leraned that people can also buy and sell products and services over the internet, it is called e-commerce. It is very convenient especially to those who are busy because all they need to do is to go on an online business site that sells the product that they want to buy. Then, they will deliver it straight to wherever location you are. But then, you should also determine the company's warranty, return and replace procedures if ever the product has been damaged. E-commerce has also it's disadvantages like you might lose your privacy, you might be spoofed, your orders may not arrive at all, your computer might be hacked, etc. I also learned about the number system like how to convert decimal to binary, octal, hexadecimal & vice-versa. I also learned how to make a flow chart and a lot lot more.

*Thanks to my professor who introduced me to the world of computers.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

About My College Life

Being in college is like being in a different world. College is far more different than the primary and secondary school. Though you have all the freedom in college, this is where a student should exert extra effort in studying. In short, college should be taken a lot more seriously. College is the stage in a student's life wherein they are being prepared to face their future careers.

At fist, college seems to be a stranger for me because everything is totally different. No more routinary flag ceremonies and "good bye and thank you" stuffs, you call your teachers as professors, no more spoon feedings, you can recite without standing up, etc. You are a real grown up in college. Plus, you can mingle with different students aside from your block mates. In college, not all your classmates are the same as your age bracket because everybody's welcome in college as long as you are interested in learning. There are no age limits. College is really fun! It may be a social scene for others, but for most, college is where what their future holds. Everything that you'll do or what you did in college will greatly affect your future.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wikipilipinas' Cutest PBA Players

According to Wikipilipinas, here are the list of their top 10 PBA cuties.
(In no particular order)
Paul Alvarez
Rich Alvarez
Mark Cardona
Tony Dela Cruz
Larry Fonacier
Wesley Gonzales
Vince Hizon
Alvin Patrimonio
Jason Webb
James Yap

I'm a huge fan of basketball. I love watching UAAP, NCAA, PBL, PBA, and even basketball leagues inside our subdivision. The article about the PBA Hunks caught my interest but pissed me only to find out that my ultimate crushy was not included on their list. They included Rich Alvarez while Joseph Yeo is out of sight?! Where's the justice?!hehe Give me some justice here! Put Yeo on top!!! That ninja is simply amazing! I've been watching him since his UAAP years in DLSU and until now that he's already playing in the PBA for the Coca-Cola Tigers. Joseph Yeo Rocks! I don't know if the one who made that list have a taste at all!;p Where did she based the ranking? What are her criterias? Well, she's pretty right that there could never be a general standard that is applicable to all fans. We have different tastes and opinions when it comes to cuteness, appeal, etc. For me, basketball players are born with so much luck. Some of them may not be considered as good looking or as hot as the others but given that extraordinary talent is so much more of a bonus. Also, include all the attention that they get to all of their fans and their earnings and allowance for just playing their sport. Perfect, isn't it?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Me, Myself, and I

Can't believe that I am actually blogging. I just never imagined that I'll be posting my thoughts on the internet. But I think this is pretty cool! I'ts like sharing your thoughts to other people and reading other people's thought as well. Anyway, this blog is all about me. You might not find this interresting but I hope you'll have a nice time reading this.
We are only two siblings in the family and I am the youngest. I live with my grandmother, mom, and my sister. My dad passed away when I was 4 years old that's why I never really felt how nice it is to have a dad. I am very much close to my family most specially to my mom.
Some people think that I have a boring home-school lifestyle because I don't go out with my friends a lot. But believe me, I'm a fun-loving person! I love to crack jokes and funny spiels and I even play pranks on other people.heehee I love to listen to funny stories and laugh my heart out loud afterwards. But I am not always that sort. Sometimes I also feel the need to be alone to realize and look back to some things. I sometimes also get emotional and cry my eyes out. I am also moody at times and that's one thing I hate most about my self. But that's me. I am uniquely composed with that genetic composition to be a part of this world and I believe that God made me this way with a purpose.